Are you at war with your skin?

Adult acne and how to get rid of it

Don’t shoot the messenger AKA your skin.

Your acne is a red flag indicating an unhappy gut and / or imbalanced hormones. On the confidence-denting battlefield that is acne, what could be more useful.

Using a shield to block the incoming ‘acne arrows’ (in other words treating the symptoms of acne) or targeting the person shooting the arrows (in other words, the root cause of acne).

It’s obvious, right?

What are the possible root causes of acne?

PCOS – women with PCOS have higher levels of androgens (male sex hormones) triggering an oil-overload and acne.

Menopause – in menopause there is a drop in acne-fighting oestrogen and spike in acne-triggering testosterone creating the perfect ‘sebum-happy’ acne battlefield.

Diet – diets rich in refined foods such as processed grains, breads and potato chips boost internal inflammation by providing excess oil production on the skin. Pro-inflammatory foods such as dairy and high glycaemic inex foods boost testosterone and insuline-like growth factor lighting the match of the acne ‘grenades’.

Stress – stress and the resulting increase in cortisol and corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) trigger inflammation which accelerates oil production.

Environmental factors – free radicals from pollutants oxidise the oils in the hair follicles triggering acne.

Medications – the mirena, certain anti-depressants and anti-epileptics will drive te acne cascade.

How do the Bio-Clarity Skin Pods treat the root causes of acne?

Omega 3

EPA and DHA are the essential fatty acids which help to regulate hormones, oil production and inflammation while reducing that nasty insulin-like growth factor and cortisol levels. It shifts omega3: omega6 to a ‘skin-happy’ ratio.


Regulates oil production and assists detoxification and sugar metabolism.

Vitamin A

Speeds up the skin cell turnover cycle preventing blackheads and reduces excess oil.

Vitamin D3

Reduces inflammation and insulin resistance.

Vitamin E

Atioxidant defense and helps with heling of post-acne marks.


Breaks down oil-boosting Substance P and regulates the skin microbiome. Studies show a 50% decrease in pimples after 12 weeks.


Prevents the growth of acne-causing bacteria.


Antioxidant which regulates sugar metabolism and insulin resistance.

Treat the root causes of your acne and make peace with your skin.

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