Be kind to the planet and btw you are a planet

I need to ask you a question. Are you being kind to the planet?

No… I’m not referring to whether you’re choosing skincare which is environmentally conscious (although that is important!).

No… I’m not questioning whether you’ve invested in the conscious consumerism philosophy (and you’ve guessed it, I would encourage you to do that too!).

I’m referring to your own personal planet: the vibrant ecosystem of diverse bacteria and other micro-organisms which make up your microbiome.

Cleansing elixir box

The root4 products are busy:

Our Cleansing Elixir, Multimasker and Mask Antidote contain an innovative prebiotic complex which nourishes the trillions of microbes maintaining the harmony of your skin.

Prebiotics have been included in all of root4’s rinse-off products because if you strip away the good while cleaning away the bad, the result is an enflamed, red and sensitive skin.

Our prebiotic complex has been clinically proven to treat acne, rosacea and damaged or irritated skin barriers.

Just a 15-minute application not only discourages the growth of inflammation-causing microbes but also restores the skin microbiome to that of a younger skin while boosting skin hydration by 2.6 times.

Make a positive impact on your planet – one skincare choice at a time.

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