At the heart of skin renewal lies the ability of skins to well…renew. And which cell type does renewal better than stem cells:

What are stem cells?

Human stem cells are unique because of their ability to divide, to create new cells and to develop into specialized cell types including ones which can repair and replace damaged tissues. They can function as any cell in the body, which is one reason they are so powerful. While research is ongoing, stem cell therapies have the potential to treat diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and more.

How do they work their magic in skincare?

When it comes to skincare, stem cells work on the premise that all stem cells, independently of their origin (whether plant, animal or human) contain specific epigenetic factors giving them the power to maintain the self-renewal capacity of stem cells.

Let me translate: Skin stem cells are cells found in the basal layer of the skin, which is the deepest layer of the epidermis as well as in the hair follicles, and their primary function is to replenish and repair the skin by dividing into numerous other cells that can then produce peptides (amino acids) and collagen (a protein made from three polypeptide chains) that are essential for things like wound repair and skin elasticity.

As we age, the body produces less collagen and fewer peptides which is why skin can begin to lose volume and sag. Research has shown that by using stem cells to signal the cells to start proliferating again, signs of ageing can be diminished, reversed or even prevented. Stem cells also have the antioxidant and regenerative power to safeguard the length of the telomeres (the little caps protecting the ends of chromosomes from degrading). In essence – the less our telomeres shorten, the less we age. This is powerful technology.

For all these reasons, stem cells (no matter what species they are extracted from) are the new frontier in Healthy Ageing skin science since when applied to the skin they work deeply at a cellular level to stimulate your own stem cells to do their skin renewal thing. They are also naturally rich in antioxidants as well as in amino acids and peptides – the building blocks for cellular skin rejuvenation. This means better free radical defense, increased collagen production and healthier, younger-looking skin.

In a nutshell, here is how it works:  root4 harnesses the power of plant stem cells extracted from a rare Swiss apple with especially long-living tissue stem cells resulting in an unusual longevity. This Swiss Apple is ‘wounded’ to create a callus. The callus cells (which are stem cells) in this healing tissue are then extracted, harvested and packaged into liposomes which can then penetrate the deep layers of the skin to stimulate cellular production. Often called growth or trigger factors, they signal the skin stem cells to get busy and flood the skin with amino acids and proteins that can repair, plump and smooth the dermis, making the complexion smoother, fuller and more youthful.

Having the most robust science behind this super-ingredient (being the first plant stem cell to be tested on human skin stem cells with proven ability to protect the ‘stemness’ of human skin stem cells and prevent premature ageing), we can confidently claim that ‘an apple a day in your moisturizer can keep ageing skin away’.

Find this powerful ingredient in our Face Crème Originale – the clinical results speak for themselves.

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