DR. L protocol

Backed by cutting-edge dermatological science and functional medicine wisdom, following the DR. L protocol gives your skin what it needs to thrive.

DR. L protocol

Dr Vanessa Lapiner empowers her patients to achieve Holistic Beauty by applying her groundbreaking DR. L protocol of defend, renew and liberate to the 3 pillars of the gut:brain:skin axis.

Simple and scientific – it demystifies the secret to beautiful skin.

The beginning.

The groundbreaking DR. L protocol began in the truth that human beings need to protect and preserve our own biological eco-systems, if we are to enjoy good health.

Skin-health, specifically, is achieved by the balance of gut, brain and external skin care. (The skin, brain and gut all develop from the same embryonic tissue in utero and remain inextricably intertwined in ways that aren’t yet fully understood by science.)

Emotional stress, for instance, disrupts the balance of our delicate gut bug ecosystem, disrupting the gut lining and making it ‘leaky’. Since 70-80% of our immune system lives in our gut, this triggers an inflammatory cascade which then negatively impacts the health of our skin.

In short, your most radiant skin can be achieved only through the understanding that the skin is complex. YOU are complex. A beautiful, healthy skin is not only a reflection of what skincare we’re using or what aesthetic treatments we do, but also of what we eat, how much we sleep, whether we exercise and our mental health.

What came next.

Understanding this and inspired by my thousands of patients who have achieved transformational results by embracing my Total Approach to Skin Health, I set out to create skincare firmly rooted in an integrative dermatology approach. Several intense years later, guided by research and honed by my own intuition and experience, the DR. L protocol to defend, renew and liberate the skin was born.


Prevention is better than cure: Protection from assaults such as UV, free radicals, pollution and irritants on the skin; inflammatory foods and pesticides on the gut and the cellular impact of stress together with strengthening of the skin and gut barrier form the foundational pillar of the DR. L protocol.


Rejuvenate the mind, gut and skin at a cellular level by boosting cellular turnover and mitochondrial energy, remodel your skin’s structural framework, restore the balance of your beauty bug ecosystem and reinvigorate with self-care rituals and good sleep hygiene.


The pinnacle of the protocol where elevated, targeted treatment and the use of epigenetics to ‘switch off’ unwanted genes carrying instructions for harm and ‘switch on’ beneficial genes with instructions for health bring about the healing and confidence to feel your most beautiful, fulfilled and powerful.