PRP Plus Serum

Imagine harnessing the power of platelets in wound healing to repair and strengthen the skin. Now imagine activating those platelets even further to release 5-10 times more soothing mediators and stimulating growth factors. This is the science of platelet-rich-plasma therapy.

key ingredients

Platelet-Rich Plasma / Aqua / Poloxamer 407 / Phenylpropanol / Propanediol / Caprylyl Glycol / Tocopherol.


About Our PRP Plus Serum


More commonly known as the Vampire Facial, this extraordinary advancement of aesthetic integrative medicine is now available for you to take home with the PRP Plus Serum.

*The colour, scent and texture of our products may vary owing to natural compounds used.

How to Use

This will come home with you in the form of cryotubes. Freeze all but one of your cryotubes immediately as you arrive home. Keep the remaining vials refrigerated and apply twice daily to cleansed skin prior to your water-based serum. Each refrigerated serum will remain stable for five days. Thereafter discard and take a new cryotube from the freezer and place in the fridge for use.

*** the activated platelets remain stable for only five days once refrigerated.

“Blood drawn is slowly spun down in specialized refrigerated centrifuges following which the platelets are carefully extracted before activating them further in our laboratory. A second centrifuge concentrates the platelets even further. These super-concentrated platelets are then suspended in our revolutionary gel which stabilizes the platelets for five days. All prepared vials are flash-frozen to preserve the platelets to be taken out and used as needed. (I think of this as using my own healing super-powers for good as the serum contains everything you need to get firmer, calmer, radiant and more youthful skin.)”

PRP Plus Serum

DR. L protocol

Each ingredient in the root4 range is meticulously considered to encompass the DR. L objectives of defend, renew and liberate – 3 specific skincare steps to your healthiest, most radiant skin.

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