Great skincare shouldn’t cost the Earth

Our default is to think and act ‘green’. We understand that continuing to take from our planet is not sustainable and we need to act before it is too late. We push ourselves to reduce waste, reduce harmful practices and give back where we can.

sustainable formulas

Because we care. Because you care.

You can trust that with root4 there has been zero compromise. We are not a big corporation mass producing cost-optimised products to boost our bottom line. As a non-negotiable, we carefully select ingredients that are sustainable, cruelty-free and clean. Our highly concentrated formulas do not contain any fillers and are free from petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, liquid paraffin, GMOs, silicones, oxybenzone, microplastics, artificial dyes and artificial fragrances. We are in this because we care.

root4: Totally extraordinary, but nothing extra

Petrolatum, mineral oils and PEGs (polyethylene glycols) are inexpensive by-products of the oil-refining industry. Not only are they derived from a non-sustainable resource, but petrolatum and mineral oils can be contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals and are banned by the EU unless the full refining history is known. So why are they still being used? Because petrochemicals are cheap, easy to source and mix up easily in the lab. Petrochemical-free formulas are more expensive and trickier to formulate.

But we live for challenges! You can trust that every single ingredient in our root4 products has been obsessively self-regulated to make sure that they are safe for both you and our planet.

Think about your daily routine, what you’re applying on your skin, and how you will wash it off at the end of the day, rinsing your products down your drain. Think about products absorbed through your skin which are then excreted in urine contaminating our water supplies. Our waste treatment processes struggle to remove these chemicals which means they can then re-enter the water supply as effluent with the rest then contaminating our ocean.

When we choose safe, clean formulas for our skin, we’re also choosing safe and clean formulas for the environment. ⁣We meet the EU’s strict regulations of 1,300+ ingredients that are not allowed for cosmetic use as well as thousands of others rated 3 or higher on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.

sustainable packaging

With root4, every day is Earth day.

Environmental thoughtfulness has been applied to every step of our packaging process. From recyclable glass bottles and biodegradable plastic to our outer boxes made from sustainable forestry and eco-friendly soy-based ink. We are committed to going zero waste.

Let’s keep our Earth green.

sustainable suppliers

Our suppliers are chosen based on their sustainability credentials, fair trade practices, and how they work with local communities to harvest ingredients in a manner that benefits both nature and people. Ingredients are then sent to our labs where they are added to root4 formulas.

sustainable practices

We don’t just ‘talk’ green. We ‘do’ green.

We try to have as light a carbon footprint on the earth as possible by grouping freight and shipments together and by shipping by sea instead of by air wherever possible. We purchase carbon credits to offset our manufacturing processes and e-commerce shipments.

We support local trade by manufacturing and printing locally. The gorgeous hessian bags gifted when you purchase 3 or more products provides a livelihood for a local African beading initiative. Each bag is embellished with unique beaded charms which are empowering women to become entrepreneurs. These bags are unbranded to encourage re-gifting and re-use.

We work always with integrity and kindness and proactively promote ethical behaviour through all of our business dealings. We strive to work in a responsible way that is not harmful to people, animals or our planet.

A paradigm shift: I’m possible.

Complex formulas overflowing with actives at powerful concentrations in clean, safe bases and with an all-natural preservative system.

They told us that a clean dermo-cosmetic was impossible.

And yet here we are.