Are you getting bang for your buck with your skincare

If you’re reading this newsletter, you’re invested in your skin – but is your skincare paying dividends?

Here are my (root) 4 tips to make sure that your skincare is working hard for you:

1. Look for multifunctional products

When you’re looking to transform your skin, you need to make sure that you’re ticking off all 3 pillars of the DR. L protocol to defend, renew and liberate your ultimate glow. But that doesn’t have to mean a shelf full of products – invest in products which do more than one task for the skin meaning fewer purchases and less of a time commitment. I’m not suggesting using your 2-in-1 shampoo to wash your face. Smart skincare is skincare with hardworking actives and hero ingredients in carefully thought-out formulations so that you can better streamline your regimen. While it’s normal to lust after a golden carriage pulled by exotic elephants– what you really want is a dependable work-horse.

2. Be strategic.

You don’t need 15 products: you need the right products for your skin. Identify your top skincare concern and be razor-focused in using products which target as many checkpoints in that pathway as possible.

3. Let ingredients be your muse

Be ingredient focused and check that the concentrations used have been backed by science. Don’t let your head get turned by hype. What works for you is the most reliable indicator.

4. Demand results

The ultimate litmus test: Are you noticing a visible difference? You shouldn’t need a Visia skin analysis to show you that your products are working – a mirror should suffice!

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