Can a pill protect you from sun damage?

Boost your sun protection from the inside-out with root4’s Neo-genes pods.

The ingredients for each skin pod have been meticulously selected to defend, renew and liberate sun-damaged skin for the ultimate in skin DNA protection and cellular renewal.

Let’s do a deep-dive into the Neo-genes ‘Defend’ capsule:

What makes the root4 defend capsule so powerful in liberating skin damage
  • The Purpose
  • A cutting-edge trio of ingestible antioxidant-boosted UV protection shield vulnerable skin cells from aggressive sun radiation and inflamm-ageing.
  • The Science:
    • 26% reduction in precancerous skin lesions after 12 months
    • faster and better results in patients treated for melasma with lightning of pigmentation
    • protection against collagen breakdown with delayed cellular ageing and wrinkling
    • Activation of cellular DNA repair

What else is in the Neo-genes pod?

Combine these potent sun-prtective antioxidants with root4’s novel age-defying combination of nature’s most powerful nutriceuticals: high-potency curcumin, piperine from black pepper, suplhoraphane from broccoli extracts CoQ10, NAD+ and Vitamin A all packaged in one convenient skin pod and nullify the environmental assauts of 21st century life to unlock truly holistic skin health at a molecular level.

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