Derm Talk – Breakout Edition

Q&A with Dr. Vanessa

Which products are best for teenage skin?

Teens do not need complicated skin regimens! As an absolute minimum, a good cleanser (Cleansing Elixir) and SPF (3D Defense SPF50 Mineral Sunscreen) is all that is needed.

If breakouts are an issue, use the multi-functional Mask Antidote which is truly an all-in-one acne problem-solver tackling breakouts, the dark spots left behind AND scarring.

Its clay extracts, anti-inflammatory Niacinamide and prebiotics offer multi-targeted acne actives and you can use this product as a cleanser, an overnight moisturiser, a spot treatment OR a mask!

My skin is oily and I break out – should I still be using a moisturiser?

Absolutely 100% YES. Acne doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need hydration

In fact, drying anti-acne treatments can strip away your skin’s natural oils, leaving it feeling dry, tight, and oh so uncomfortable and a healthy skin barrier is critical when fighting the breakout battle.

The root4 Face Crème Originale is loved by our acne patients with good reason! Its lightweight, non-comedogenic formulation with hero ingredients such as ceramides, squalene and d-panthenol together with oil-regulating Niacinamide and pimple-soothing anti-inflammatory curcumin, aloe vera and chamomile extract actively soothe the skin and prevent it from going into overdrive and pushing out excess oil.

For how long must I take the Bio-Clarity Skin Pod Capsules before my skin starts to clear?

Although we see results as early as two weeks into treatment, the rule of thumb any new treatment, is to give it at least 6 – 8 weeks before assessing response: this is the time to takes for ‘new’ skin cells to reach the skin surface (a skin cell turnover cycle) and for the skin to clarify.

The skincare world can be overwhelming. Ask me anything and let me simplify it for you.

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