The Easter Bunny and other Skincare Myths

The Easter Bunny and other skincare myths.

We love traditions and the playfulness, whimsy and poetic license attached to them but when it comes to our skincare – we like it straightforward and scientific.

Let’s separate the egg whites from the yolk when it comes to skincare facts vs fiction and serve up the hard-boiled truth!

There is no pulling a rabbit out of the hat when it comes to skincare. We’re all looking for that magic bullet of instant gratification but the truth when it comes to skincare is that consistency and patience are key. With the exception of ingredients which immediately plump the skin by drawing water into the skin like hyaluronic acid or directly following a peel when the skin will look less dull, you will not see results immediately. Give a new product at least a skin cell turnover time of around 6 to 8 weeks before deciding whether it is working or not.

If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one. Identify your top bug bear when it comes to your skin and be ultra-targeted in addressing it. If you’re smart, look for multifunctional formulations which can tackle more than one concern.

Dr Google is a rabbit hole. There are just as many myths as truths floating around the internet so find a reliable expert for your skincare advice and if you’re still battling then seek specialist dermatologist help.

Sometimes you cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. If you have sensitive skin, you may not be able to start multiple potent skincare functional actives together. Phase in the most beneficial one (for example your retinoid) first and once your skin is tolerating it well, phase in the next one (for example an alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate).

Happy Easter!

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