Why your skin deserves to #Glow4Green


The green bottles which guarantee results powered by root4’s revolutionary Glow4Green technology

A breakthrough in Healthy Ageing Science, our award-winning formulations combine the groundbreaking Glow4Green technology with high potency botanicals and sustainably-sourced and meticulously selected functional actives at scientifically-proven concentrations for results that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Exclusive to root4, our unique complex of Chlorophyll, Malachite, Curcumin and Spirulina reduces inflamm-ageing while lightening pigmentation, reducing break-outs and improving skin texture.

Chlorophyll A skin wunderkind: It is a powerful antioxidant which cleans and purifies while lightening pigmentation, reducing inflammation, tackling acne breakouts and speeding up post-breakout healing.

Curcumin Skincare ‘gold’: Its potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity calms down acne-prone skin and regulates oiliness. It is a powerful antioxidant and brightens skin providing an enviable radiance while combating photo-ageing.

Malachite extract deeply detoxifies the skin while stimulating one of the body’s own most powerful antioxidant enzymes to fight off free radicals. It is rich in the copper the skin needs to produce keratin while also stimulating collagen production, enhancing elasticity and softening wrinkles.

Spirulina: This all-star botanical derived from algae is a superfood for your skin. A powerful anti-inflammatory which works wonders on dull and congested skin by gently encouraging cell renewal, it also improves dark under-eye circles and acne.

This powerful foursome caused countless days and sleepless nights spent first perfecting the formula, then preserving it then protecting it.

We are pretty excited with the results. We think that you will be too.

Get the Glow4Green-powered skin of your dreams

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