Exfoliate like a dermatologist

Discover the Multimasker – your pores’ new exfoliating BFF Powered by oil-regulating Niacinamide and exfoliating lactic acid with clay extracts drawing dirt, excess oil, make-up and pollutants from the pores to gently minimise their appearance while lightening pigmentation and balancing the skin’s microbiome. Mimimise pores and maximise glow! Why people love it How to harness …

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Derm Talk – Breakout Edition

Q&A with Dr. Vanessa Which products are best for teenage skin? Teens do not need complicated skin regimens! As an absolute minimum, a good cleanser (Cleansing Elixir) and SPF (3D Defense SPF50 Mineral Sunscreen) is all that is needed. If breakouts are an issue, use the multi-functional Mask Antidote which is truly an all-in-one acne …

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Rosacea vs Acne

Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to your RED FACE

NO, I haven’t been drinking. NO, I am not blushing. NO, I am not having an allergic reaction. NO, I would not like to hear about the cream which helped your sister’s boyfriend’s uncle. If this sounds familiar, listen up. What is rosacea? Rosacea is a spectrum of redness: from dilated, broken capillaries often on …

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